Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac Day

Lest we forget....
Our house today started with a sleep in- I would have really liked to go to the dawn service but with every one recovering from a mix a chest infections and fatigue we decided it was best to let everyone enjoy a sleep in.
Then while I finished some sewing projects and made some hair accessories Marty cooked with the kids first Oskar made a huge batch of Anzac biscuits and we enjoyed those with hot chocolates for morning tea.
Indy has just finished some honey jumbled and is waiting for them to cool so she can ice them- yum!
So I am enjoying some quiet reading while the boys watch the footy- although I think Marty is secretly having a snooze!!
And to finish off a great day I think I'll make another soup for tea- we have a huge tub of potatoes from the latest crop that my mum and dad have grown for market on their farm at Franklin.
Am thinking maybe potato, pea & ham...
I hope you have also had a 'good' day as our thoughts are with all of the service men and women and their families.

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