Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Finds: Silver Nutmeg & a Golden Pear Designs offers a generous giveaway

Friday Finds: Silver Nutmeg & a Golden Pear Designs offers a generous giveaway

Yippee Yah Yahoo- the lovely Saffron Craig has posted an interview on me and my little business- including a GIVE AWAY!!!! Follow the link above to enter.

Saffron says:

"Today I was chatting to Courtney Turner who is the creator of Silver Nutmeg & a Golden Pear Designs from Tasmania. Silver Nutmeg is a cottage business selling vintage inspired accessories, home wares, and children’s clothing and toys.
Courtney lives in Tassie and grew up in the Huon Valley (Southern Tasmania) helping out on the family farm growing and harvesting seasonal vegetables and produce. Courtney's mother taught her and her two sisters to sew from an early age, she still remembers with glee the pride she felt when she completed her first quilt (even though it was very croocked and nowhere near perfect). She says with a laugh!
She continues on with this tradition by encouraging her 3 busy children to sew and create. Her daughter Indy entered one of her quilts into the Craft Fair last year. And Martin her husband can often be seen running their stall at the amazing Salamanca markets in Hobart, which often brings a laugh from customers seeing a large man with tattoos selling children’s clothing.

Courtney says "I simply adore the freedom of making and creating and have a freestyle mindset with this process, apparently my polish grandmother worked with this same independent style.  My Grandmother on mum's side of the family immigrated from Europe when she was young to escape the war. They were booked to leave on a ship to the USA but my mother was unwell so they missed that boat and caught the next one heading to Australia instead".

"I believe the ability to be able to make something with your hands and use your imagination to create is an important skill to have and one I have taught my own children". Hear hear."

Thank you SO very much Saffron!!!  I LOVE what you have written in the interview!!

I adore your fabric designs and the Owls have been a huge inspiration to my creating and making and your fabrics are a huge feature within my house and my quilts I have made for my children.

I hope everyone is having a great Easter break!!

We had a fun weekend with family then all ended up with the flu so the last 3 days have been spent "resting" and recoup-ing - hoping to have everyone on the mend ready for the weekend sports- Indy with netball saturday and Oskar with Football on sunday.

Enjoy the weekend all &  oh we will be at salamanca tomorrow down the silo end xo

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