Friday, March 25, 2011

a busy weekend ahead ♥

This weekend will be filled with some fun market stuff- Saturday at Salamanca St Davids Park end- some new things available including some cute cord pinny styles dreeses and tops in autumn colours!!

I think the boys may just be in charge for a bit again- while I try to get some more new stuff finished at home.

Then Sunday {our family day}, I LOVE Sundays, will be completing Indy's room by putting it all back together and hanging the curtains, sorting cushions, arranging furniture etc- yippee cant wait to see it all complete!!  [Will post some pics when all done I promise]

And then Indy and I will be busy making things for her party next weekend- a girls morning tea at my hubby's cafe!! Fun Fun- and first up will be designing the menu, sorting the table layout and decorations and making some tissue paper pom poms- I think these are so cute!!!

What will you be doing on the weekend?

~ Courtney xo


  1. photos, lawn mowing, dinner with new friends, footy, skipping training, weekend hopefully we get to painting, it keeps getting put off until we can get a good run at it argghh!

  2. sounds very similar to our wkds!!! have much fun and look forward to catching up properly asap!! xxx

  3. thanks Jen- u are so sweet!!! Look forward to reading yours too one day!! xx


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