Friday, March 4, 2011

hello there

A long time no posts……I know I have been absent from the blog for a while well since Australia Day…how quickly this year has flown already. Where to start well a long story short…. kids are back at school and all settled in, I have started a new job and am all settled in, I have had a few hiccups health wise but all is settling life has been its usual crazy busy self, speaking of which I am really really hoping that everything continues to smooth out and become just a little less challenging!!

Anyhow, I have begun working more on some new ideas and making some fun new stuff- I really enjoy this side of developing new stuff and must admit can get a little disheartened when I am just producing to replace stock- as exciting as it is that my goodies are selling!! If you know what I mean…

Oh but quickly a thank you to the sweet lady who came and saw me at Salamanca a few weeks back to remind me that some people do read my blog and that I was missed- it was very nice to hear indeed. Also a big thank you to Amber for her sweet kind feedback to a big custom order that was well recieved– very kind indeed!!
We are back at Salamanca tomorrow near the silo’s lawn area, please pray for warm non rainy and non windy weather!!

Stay warm xo


  1. Hi Courtney So lovely to see you in Blogland again. I hope to pop by tomorrow - I'll just have to see what this pesky weather is up to! J x

  2. slacker, I love reading what you're up to!


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