Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the barn market - 1 brooch 2 brooch 3 brooch more

This Saturday 13th at The Rosny Barn near Eastlands 

10 am - 3pm

Come and say hi!!


  1. Hi there! Rosie let me know today that you have a blog so I thought I'd 'follow' you.

    I saw you at the market last Sunday and bought some little singlets for my little Pippy (which look absolutely gorgeous on by the way!)

    And now on your latest post I see a beautiful red brooch up the very top... is there anyway you can hold it for me? I'll be at the market early, promise!

    x Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Yah I am so glad you and pippy like them- & of course consider the brooch yours!

    Love your blog also trying to get the whole sleeping thing sorted is a tough game to play cos the littlies always win despite all our age old wisdom.....hmmmm

    See you Sat!


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