Saturday, February 20, 2010

my bags of goodies.......goodie goodie gum drop

Bags of goodies - some pics so far....

well the whole sitting around doing nothing but thinking about the last few days was driving me insane so off to the workshop/studio, messy room, whatever, it was for me......the result a lot of cutting [for both the bags of goodies and other projects soon to be created] AND my bags of goodies were completed- well about 8, with a few more to come- say about 20 hmm plenty of time for that hey!! - YAH! 

They are really cute- I think so and my littlies love em I hope others will too!- they are fully reversible and constructed from a range of designer fabrics and made  to be very durable and to last well - I now how rough my kiddies are on things!!! And they have a great mix of cool kid stuff inside and tags still to come for those.


  1. I love your goodie bags - can't wait to see what's inside them!

  2. thanks sonia!! I have a whole range of things in them but no dinosaurs or marbles!! lol
    I have used my market experts- two youngest kiddies - and have gotten them to choose things they would like to buy whilst out and about with me at markets!!!

  3. I absolutely adore your goodie bags. I bought two of them on Saturday for marbles and knuckles. They are unbelievable value and amazingly well made. I'm going to load up on some more for presents. I am spreading the word!You are so very clever - kudos to you!


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