Thursday, February 11, 2010

never too many bags.......

back to school has happened- littlies back for 2 whole days now- so proud- even though they were both full time last year it is still such a huge event each year and is really like starting a new job with a new classroom, a new teacher, new rules, a new group of class mates.....we can sometimes forget just how much we ask of our kiddies and often take for granted that they will just "adapt" cos they're kids- yet we know we would struggle with so much change all at once.....
And oldest returned today with "all being good" apparently.

Have made little miss a new home reader bag - which am thinking I might need one for my portable sewing supplies I tend to carry with me I think after such a full on 2009 we are all  looking forward to a great year ahead- i hope ;)

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