Friday, February 19, 2010

busy busy time fly's when your having fun

Today was such a nice day in Hobart with tomorrow supposed to be in the 30's again woohoo!!! Might just be a beach trip involved....

We have all been busy making paper boats here- paper boats? Yep it was declared about a week ago that a family challenge was needed so we all settled on a paper boat race at our fav creek with a picnic in tow....and the camera to catch all the action!

And I’m telling you a lot of work and time has gone into our boats- some are like a lot of pretty things great to look at but I’m just not so sure they will be too useful and might not survive the creek trip!!  I will post some pics later to show and tell all the action!

I have had a migraine for the last few days and as a result can’t spend too long at the pc :(
BUT I have had a chance to clean out the studio and it’s starting to look lovely and organised again ready for all the action that needs to take part in there for the upcoming market and store requests.

I have plenty of new things on the go- always the way with me as I tend to get bored with the same old same old and am often awake in the wee hours jotting ideas, sketching out designs, and colour matches and fabric types etc for new exciting projects.  A down side of still working part time and having such a busy family life is that my time actually available to spent converting my ideas into produce takes forever sometimes!! I have folders and folders of designs and projects I want to make up both for home and for the business side of things.

Never the less I have decided that instead of getting overwhelmed by it all to choose one or two new things for each event- so my next items will include more of a range of children’s items in particular boy things- much to my sons delight- and I am very excited about the choices I've picked from my ideas book as they are something I have been making for my kids and family and friends children's for quite some time- since my eldest was young that’s over 10 years!!! and have been wanting to get the production of these kicked into gear for markets so I think I will test them out at the next few markets and see how they go- I will get some pics up when I have more than tunnel vision going on and have some cool stuff to show....

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