Saturday, February 13, 2010

the barn market......such a beautiful market spot

This is a truly magical setting for a market- every part of it was fun- 
the organizers Miriam and Helen were/are amazing and went out of their way to ensure everyone was okay and traveling well through out the day- 
there was a real feeling of being a part of this market and being treated like they were truly happy to have you there as a stall holder and I think this helped the day be such a success - 
if you ever get a chance to attend either as a stall holder or as a visitor I can not recommend it highly enough- thanks so much girls.
 The next barn market is in april and there will be a fresh batch of amazing stall holders there selling their goodies check it out...

this ones for you rosie!!!

and me at about 2:55 pm ready for sleep just missing my fav pj's oh and someone else to pack up my stall!!!

have a look at some great pics of  the Barn Market  from Tim at this link for pics The Barn Market (Set)

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